Wedding Rings


Wedding rings made at Christopher Murphy Jewellers are made to the very highest standard and finish,
which is usually found more in engineering shops.  All wedding rings are compression formed which gives
the structure of the metal a strength which is normally not found in precious metals,
which ensures that they don’t bend or scratch (easily).  Also on the white gold options there is an alloy called Palladium
mixed with the gold to give the ring a cleaner whiter look than regular white gold and more importantly
they never need to be Rhodium plated or dipped as it’s sometimes called.  There are many different grades of
texturing used to finish off the look of the ring, again,
most of these finishing enhancements and engravings don’t usually incur any cost

Ladies Wedding Rings

Gents Wedding Rings

Handmade Ladies Wedding Rings
Handmade Gents Wedding Bands
We specialise in creating bespoke handmade wedding rings specifically to match your engagement ring. Handmade Wedding Rings, To Match Your Engagement Ring.
We custom make gents wedding bands instore and can tailor to most designs. Handmade Wedding Rings, Made With Your Ideas And Designs.


Solitaire Engagement Ring      In our opinion there are some classic wedding rings to suit the single stone engagement ring.  The first option is to use two diamond side stones set into a band of raised white gold boxes on a very slight curve; this allows the head of the engagement ring to sit neatly into it. If required or you really feel ‘your worth it’ you could go for a full sweep of diamonds around the solitaire giving you a very dramatic look.  Generally not for the faint hearted, but always Fabulous!

3 Stone Engagement Ring     Again, 2 simple stones both sides of the 3 stones can set off and compliment a nice engagement ring, once we pay attention to the small detail of the ratio between the 3 stones and the side stones, making sure the balance is right so the look and effect is correct.  But don’t worry that is where we make that call and advise and assist, because the fine detail is the most important thing in all our designs.

Fancy Engagement Ring     Usually the fancy ring with multiple shapes and cuts of diamonds in the head of the ring, usually look best with a variation of the same style in the wedding ring.  In our opinion it does not make sense to compete with a fabulous creation from New York or Dubai or where ever you purchased it.  Generally the rule should be, keep it simple and allow the engagement ring ‘do its thing’ and the wedding ring will act as a support with smaller stones as an effect rather than another big display of stones.

Twist Solitaries & 3 stone Engagement Rings      This type is not really a problem; follow the shape of your engagement ring with the wedding ring, usually some diamonds set into the band will enhance the engagement ring.  Setting as many stones as you think would achieve the look you want, sometimes one, three or even five stones spaced, always make a right statement.

Mix 3 stone Engagement ring      If you have a Princess or Emerald cut centre stone and two round sides the wedding ring can have either round or square support stones set in a curved band, to allow the engagement ring to sit in and look balanced.



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