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 Small Changes Can Make A Big Difference!

With our full instore workshop and Christophers extensive skills, we can revamp your engagement ring to make it perfect for you.

Whether it’s just a small change or a full redesign we have the dexterity & ideas to get it just right.

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What We Can Do To Transform Your Ring…

Upgrade Your Diamond


This option is very simple.  Usually with a little alteration to the head, we can securely set a new bigger stone.
And with our unique appro service that we provide, we can have a few different options available for you to view
and try on in your semi-set ring before you choose your perfect diamond.
Prices From.. €1000

Add Diamonds To The Shoulders


This is a nice effect to add to your engagement ring and can take the heavy look off a ring that has wide plain shoulders.
The end result gives a nice sparkle to a plain solitaire or three stone engagement ring.
Prices From.. €600

Add A Halo Of Diamonds


This effect is probably the most dramatic and gives you the best return for sparkle out of all the remodelling ideas we use.
It increases the look of the size of your centre stone in one go and can also be done to clusters and three stone engagement rings.
Whatever shape stone you have, we can surround it with diamonds and…   Wow Up Your Engagement Ring!
Prices From.. €1,000 – €1,500

Change The Setting


Sometimes the setting on a ring is either too high and impracticable or too low and doesn’t stand out at all.
Or if you just don’t like the setting style of your ring, we can change it.
With slight alterations, your ring can be made more functional and look more modern.
Prices From.. €450

Change The Band


Twists can be taken out or added into your ring.
We can also widen old bands or thin out bands that are just too wide and heavy.
Adding diamonds to your new style of band can give it a whole new lease of life.
Prices From.. €400

Change The Diamond Shape


This option is available if you don’t like or have gotten tired of the shape of your stone.
Your old diamond can be traded in as part payment for your new stone or
we can make it into a another piece of jewellery keeping all your sentimental value.
Prices From.. €500

Add Side Stones


Adding side stones can enhance any solitaire engagement ring.
Whether you add Tapered Baguettes, Round Brilliants, Princess Cuts or Trilliants to the side of your centre stone,
the options are endless but the results are always great.
Prices From.. €700

Change The Metal


Using your metal from your ring, we can remelt it to change the colour.
So whether you like yellow, white or rose gold, palladium or platinum,
We can remake your ring in a metal that suits you best.
We also have the option to upgrade your ring from 9ct gold to 18ct gold.
Prices From.. €600

Full Over Haul


We can fully restore and change as much or as little of your ring as you like.
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Previously Made Pieces

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