Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I order a custom made piece of jewellery using my old unwanted and unused jewellery?

  • Yes, no problem.  Your jewellery can be melted down and reused to make your new piece, or traded in as part payment.  Diamonds and gemstones can also be removed and reused.  Have a look through our website and Google Images to get some ideas, then Contact Us to make an appointment to go through all the options and designs you have and we can design the perfect piece of jewellery.. Just For You!

Q. Can you remodel and alter jewellery I don’t like anymore?

  • Absolutely. We have a full instore workshop where we make beautiful pieces from scratch. You would be in good hands.

Q. How long do you take to make a wedding ring?

  • We usually need your engagement ring for a day to make a rough template of your wedding ring made up.  Although, we would need you engagement ring for a few days longer if you are getting a double wedding ring.  It then takes four to five weeks to finalise the design, set the diamonds, polish and rhodium plate if needed.  If you require a wedding ring in shorter a time, then please contact us as we are a small workshop and will accommodate you if we can.
Q. Can you value a ring I bought while on holiday?
  • We value all jewellery, regardless of where you bought it. The value we place on your ring will be based on the cost to replace your ring with one of a similar design, description and quality that can be sourced from within the Irish market place.
Q. Why should I have my jewellery valued for Insurance purposes?
  • While many people have their jewellery valued on the insistence of and to satisfy the requirements of their insurance company and think no more of it, several worthwhile benefits accrue from this valuation. Proof of ownership is useful in the event of a claim on your policy, or in the event of the return of stolen items by An Garda Siochana, or to prevent being charged Duty or VAT when re-entering Ireland on jewellery you already owned before departure.  The comprehensive detail of the appraisal together with the photographic images will greatly improve the chances of recovering stolen items, or most important of all, in the event a claim, will allow a proper replacement to be sought and supplied.

 Q. Do you make commission pieces?

  • We are happy to work with you to design and make special pieces to suit your individual requirements. Please get in touch using the contact us form.

Q. What items do you repair?

  • We repair all types of jewellery made from precious metals, antique and modern. Christopher is a highly skilled goldsmith who has the expertise and experience gained over many years in the industry. We regularly repair items that “high street” jewellers reject as unrepairable.  With our iWeld laser machine, we can repair even the most delicate and small pieces.

Q. Can you replace lost and broken gemstones?

  • Yes, we have excellent working relationships with suppliers of gemstones to replace the missing stones.

Q. My jewellery is scratched and dirty, can you fix it?

  • No problem, we can professionally clean and polish tired jewellery to restore it to its former beauty. We also offer a rhodium plating service for white gold jewellery.

Q. I have jewellery that I no longer want, would you buy it?

  • Yes, we can deduct the value from the repair costs or credit you the difference.


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